Oud Rajab (Rayong 2000)
Region: Rayong, Thailand
Species: Aquilaria Crassna
Distilled: 2000
Profile: Purple fruit, Resinous, Incense, Woody, Menthol, Leather, Musky
Effect: Grounding, Meditative, Relaxing, Intoxicating.
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Agarwood (Oud) is steeped in history and tradition, revered by many ancient cultures - its application goes back to as early as 1400 B.C.E., when I first started collecting oud oils as a passion, and like every passionate artist, we delve in quite heavily and passionately and that's why even as a consumer my efforts were to always get to the point of origin. 

Upon this particular cargo, our hunter suggested this resinous assortment of dark brown thickness of a wood that I was absolutely awaken by.

This meet was soon going to end, was I going to walk away with an Oud of the Month, was I going to be fortunate enough to procure such wealth, just then I was reminded, someone wise once said “it is extremely vital to know who you obtain your knowledge from’ likewise, it is vital for you to know where/ who you’re getting your Oud from” 

And my journey began! Moments later we would all be hit with a pandemic that gave us an opportunity for some soul-searching. 

And that also gave me just more time and more of an opportunity to dive deeper into understanding and learning this fragrant trade, and as the era peeled away, I was enabled to surface with a plethora of aromatics I never dreamed of possessing, including and not limited to Oud Rajab. All gratitude is to God alone.; without a further due, I present to you the ...

his olfactory journey, starting with a heavy veneer of black syrup almost honey like thickness which amplifies the longevity, a smell that is slightly also medicinal and menthol-like, with a mild raw leather, musk, and spicy overtone. Before you know it, all you smell is purple with shades of black syrupy charred sugar & purple, just good ol' purple.

At half time, a mineral like characteristic starts to surface and it becomes salty and woody with a hint of oud incense (stick) and spice, reminiscent of ambergris. Wait, There’s almost a blueberry-like note floating around as the top and heart collide. Slowly, all that purple fades in and out of the background and here you have it, the ambience of incense that is craved and raced for, takes center stage.

Meanwhile hints of hay &  syrupy caramel that’s not sweet but slightly tarred, come to fusion. The woody base gets stronger and sharpens the strong incense heart notes with darker shades of burple that emanate throughout the life of the scent. Lo and behold, a kinamic-like dry down is experienced.

Vendor: Abu Oud
Size: 0.3 ML, 1 ML, 2.5 ML
Bottle: Sample Vial, Glass Bottle, V.Vial

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