Here at AbuOud, our goal and mission is to give you an exceptional olfactory experience, no matter who you are, or where in this journey you stand. We want to stimulate all of your senses! We want to take you through natural & earthy scents designed just for you. 

Our house is launching a quad-tiered adventure into aromatics - for the beginner & expert alike, divided into a *bronze(novice), *silver(intermediate), *gold(advanced) and *platinum(expert) package, offering each seeker & connoisseur, at their knowledge & comfort level, a journey that suits them – so everyone can find exactly what they need to satisfy their craving for olfactory knowledge. Enjoy this remarkable journey where we take care of you at every step as if it's our own personal mission!

Take advantage of this unique & rare opportunity to indulged yourself as we take care of your every sensory need on this remarkable adventure!

With that being said, the house of AbuOud is launching a quad-tiered journey into the world of aromatic’s,. 

Each of the above four packages will include their own level of unique aromatic treasures:

  • An incense burning element
  • High-grade oud wood
  • High-grade oud oil
  • Artisan oil blends
  • Natural Oils & absolutes
  • Pure perfumes
  • Raw materials

All levels will equally include the following treasures: 

  • A variety pack of carefully picked quality frankincense (from different species & regions) 
  • A variety pack of Omani mid-high grade incense wood (bukhoor)