Oud Adam (Silani Oud)
Region: Sri Lanka
Species: Gyrinops Walla Patta
Distilled: 2021
Profile: Aqua, Earthy, Floral, Resinous
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Now this is a specimen I never thought I would get my hands on, it was the will of God and the generous kindness of the artisan distiller. I was truly hesitant; as a “too good to be true” acquisition. But Lo and behold, it was right there in front of me packed away in bubble wrap and that bronze colored packing/ moving tape, I anxiously peeled away at the bubblewrap and tape, and what shined right up at me was a aluminum cylinder, slightly dented and scratched as if it had been sent under a moving rickshaw in peak traffic in Sinharaja

I set aside the packaging and hastened to uncork the dented vessel, almost imagining the trials and tribulations this tin went through to be my guest; as it was eventually gonna end up in your hands on your very skin!

It wasn't long after I undid the can, that this immense burst of resinous phosphorescence shone to my olfactory bulb. I put down the vessel at a protective distance, recollected my thoughts and anticipated the moment of truth!

At last my mind & heart had Yaqeen (true conviction) that this was the finest and most rare acquisition ever. The aquamarine vanillic-raspberry opening was heavenly yet so grounding, I focused so hard on the top notes, but it felt like I was transcended on-way to the heart. The earthy facets kicked in then green then petrichor then back to the opening of guava juice and ultra fresh minty notes and this time in the heart i could almost taste the tropical spices the cinnamon the cloves i was on the Buraq (spiritual roller coaster) ascending to the Adams peak, to finally, ironically get to the base, and right then i knew what i was gonna name this Sri Lankan panther , OUD ADAM! And you now have the daunting task to take the Buraq on a ride. Enjoy the hunt! 

The complexity of this Wild Oud will continue to show off a more defined olfactory experience and a phenomenal investment with further aging.

Storing: Pure Original Natural Oils and artisan Attars are highly precious, valuable but volatile, hence they should be kept in a dark ,cool and dry area. The ideal place would be inside a draw or wardrobe.

Vendor: Abu Oud
Size: 0.3 G, 1.0 G, 3.0 G
Style: Sample Vile, V. Vile, Chrystal Bottle