Jinkoh Burmi
Region: Burma, Myanmar
Species: Aquilaria Crassna
Distilled: 2021
Profile: Kinamic, Fruity, Resinous,
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The opening of this antiquity is a incensey, yet syrupy jam with dried fruit...

When you smell the scent of an old dusty library, or a book from the 50s, it takes you back decades even centuries, locks you into a moment, so pure & comforting, you don't wand to come back (from that trance) from bringing your hand down, subhanAllah. 

The opening of this antiquity is a incensey, yet syrupy jam with dried fruit. The oud has some fiery Kinamic properties to it, owing to its bordering state Yunnan, which is experienced from the mids right to the dry-down, along with a tart & tangy experience akin to tamarind.

The raw materials were sought out approximately 10 years ago for this distillation, from the center of the wilderness in the state of Kachin deep in the jungles of Myitkyina, in Myanmar. As the map of this 40 year old tree is bordering Yunnan to the east and Manipur to the west, it brings forth this unique Sinensis profile while maintaining a uniquely aged clean Agallocha ferment, which translates in to a highly complex woody note that is subtle at first but subdues progressively in to an incense note.

This oil is one to be in your arsenal for a high-ranking organic oud oil from Myanmar, oud from this region is going scars.

This oil was distilled approximately 10 years ago, and has been aging ever since. 

Top: Antique florals & aged red berries

Mid: Earthy & woody 

Based: incense strong & sweet antique woody

Vendor: Abu Oud
Type: Organic Oud
Size: 0.3 G, 1 G
Bottle: Sample Vile, V. Vile, Glass Bottle