Purple Oud
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This idea of Purple Oud flashed in my head like an abstract image of the color purple, perticularly on one of my journeys to Thailand wherein I came across a Thai oud (Rajab) from the province of Rayong, and incredibly honey-like viscous oil with wafts of black current and a nostalgic vintage scent, and so far this is just the top notes, owing to which, one would think that this itself is a blend, a scent this vivid and seductive was designed for discovery. Not to mention the exhaustive woody base, which gave me a troll through the islands in and around Rayong in to a antique wooden cabin. This god given sector was not in need of any miracle in putting together a blend with minimal materials inclusive of, but not limited to, black current, violet leaf, Jasmine Sambac, white tea, blue tansy, and another Oud Oils to complete the spectrum of colors in this creation, yet another oud inspired its creation, Oud Skittles from Khao Yai, owing to its very candy-like profile, hence the name...

Purple Oud perfume oil is a decadent dreamscape for the senses. Rich vintage-like sweetness, and the ouds melt into an exotic fantasy of syrup and wood. This fragrance is a vibrant work of art, painted in vivid purple hues as striking as the scent itself.

Each dab of Purple Oud ignites with black current & honeysuckle, drifting into mysterious depths of patchouli and amber accords. As the fragrance settles into your skin, the night queen jasmine emerges with seductive whispers. Your heart will beat to the rhythm of this rare and romantic oil.

The bold Purple Oud (perfume oil) is a glimpse into a world of luxurious indulgence and intoxication. Within it lies an opulent fragrance journey like no other.

Experience the insobriety of Purple Oud. Feel the heavy veil of aroma that clings to silk and skin alike. Discover how naturally the fragrance translates your every move into a sensual ballet.


Mysteries unfold with each slow inhalation of this glorious oil. With Purple Oud, every day becomes an adventure of the senses. Its complexity makes you fein for the next syrupy swipe.

Plum Purple Spice
Hint of Creamy Honey
Ancient Woods Mustiness
Warm Majestic Mahogany
Balsamic Berry Floral
Deep Resinous Incense
Enchanting Powdery Kinam Smoke
Mature and Refined
Amber Syrupy Smoothness
Elixir of Purple Haze
Cool Sweet and Rich Mustiness
Deep Resinous Roots
Balsam Woody Incense
Sweet Musty Smoke

Vendor: Abu Oud
Size: 2ml, 1ml, 0.5ml
Style: Glass bottle