Oud Skittles (Khao Yai)
Region: Khao Yai, Thailand
Species: Aquilaria Crassna
Distilled: 2021
Profile: Velvety, Balsamic, Resinous,
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Skittles opens up with a greenish-white tea aura with sweet Thai sugarcane


This particular oud comes from a very well celebrated; for its splendor in nature, owing to the first national park of Thailand, Khao Yai.

The villagers of East Thailand have been hunting and distilling oud oil from around Takhro Falls in Khao Yai for generations, an oil of this merit is not come across daily, and until recently this oil that was untapped, an incredibly candied oud (Skittles). This batch was hunted from highlands in search of neologism to create a unique and exquisite oil. A very low-soak method, and steel-cooked at very low temperatures, and the discovery was quite remarkable: a limited batch of clean pristine Aquilaria Crassna sweetness! 

Skittles opens up with a greenish-white tea aura with sweet Thai sugarcane, and  brushed maple syrup, with a slight hay-like (NO BARN) profile which is almost gourmand at times – with a fragrant uplifting aromatic incense vibe.  

A few hours later... you start to experience the scent of sweet licorice candies & creamy honey & hints of vanilla coupled with rich woody warmth, like that of an incense grade oil.

As the oil progresses, there's almost a golden suede and leather note (but not like a Malaysian Oud) that begins to shine through and is gently caressed by the swipe on your skin, that also lingers on through the dry down. As the 11th hour approaches with decadent woody suede , wafts of coconut and caramel hover around you with a final round of resinous oudiness.

This one is for the pocket, easily worn anywhere I go, and a conversation starter. It's a euphoric oil. None of the classic Thai-fruit/ floral profile, rather just resinous oud!

Oud Skittles (Khao Yai 2021) is an easy oil to wear. And an increasingly rare oil that almost seems wild. Enjoy!

Vendor: Abu Oud
Size: 0.3 ML, 1 ML, 2 ML, 3 ML
Bottle: Sample Vial, V. Vile, Glass Bottle