Agar Janwar (SOLD OUT)
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The day had come. After months of hard work and going back and forth with ideas & scenarios, the first Agar Janwar oud perfume, built on a joint collaboration with Jinx smells & AbuOud; was finally complete and ready to be released into the world. The scent itself was unlike anything anyone had ever experienced before: a full-bodied blend of Maharaja’s leather, spikenard spiced with mint, and a deep black ambergris profile, all of which reminded me of  SQ Oud shavings acquired from an acquaintance of the Omani palace burning on low heat on the sub, . It was a royalty fragrance indeed - but its creator knew that this bold combination would make it stand out from all other perfumes on the market. 

The journey towards crafting Agar Janwar hadn’t been easy - but in the end it had been worth every bit of effort put into it. The moment the mist crashed on to my skin, akin to a wave of ambergris crashing ashore - on a tropical island; the moment was captivating and had me embezzled; clearly the Janwar in the Agar had found a place in my hearts! No iterations or adjustments needed, the house of Jinx Smells knew exactly what they (he) were doing.

Little did i know that this was only just beginning – as the beast started to get to the heart it brought even more excitement and adventure from the orris! A blooming effect, witch was subdued by the caffeine in this Sharbat. I finally started to taste Tambacu(tobbaco), a note i particularly fancied in almost everything and anything, was prominent but behind the curtain like a celebrities presence back stage. 

Creeping around was the beaver trying to match the match with the janwar, but was better vivid leading to the base of this enormous Beast… and finally ladies and gentleman the HINDI, the crown, the head, the leader in this beautiful animal was coming right out and fiercely attacking the
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